Introducing Food With a View

Introducing Tania Paola new blog Food With a View
Food with a View

A very warm welcome to Food With a View – A Food, Wine, Travel, Wellness and Lifestyle Blog.

Expect to be inspired, informed and delighted by our communication with you. Experience interesting stories and events, insightful interviews and gorgeous photos – not just of food but also of beautiful scenery, especially my personal favourite which is anything by the coast. Not only will you discover an abundance of delicious produce and food but also the unique stories of so many incredibly talented people behind the scenes. Hear from producers, winemakers and distributors to restaurateurs, chefs and innovative business owners. Their stories are all diverse but share the common thread of love and respect for their craft, as well as a strong desire to share their passion with the world.

My blog is written from the perspective of several decades’ experience as a restaurateur. Working as an owner-operator in a small business is a balancing act where you always wish there were more hours in the day. It’s exciting, fast paced and some of the biggest rewards can be the smallest gestures. The beaming smile on a customer’s face when they love your food says it all.

Renowned Adelaide Chef Cath Kerry enlightened me to the origin of the French word ‘restaurateur’ which means ‘restorer’ and I always keep this top of mind. In 16th century France, Monsieur Boulanger of Paris put a sign outside his shop where he sold hot soup. The sign translated as, ‘come to me, all who labour in the stomach, and I will restore you’. A ‘restorer’ of people’s health – what a wonderful term! Especially when we consider that the food we eat is such an integral part of our health and wellness.

These days we are increasingly aware that the food we enjoy can either increase or deplete our life energy. We look to many diverse ways, both physically and holistically, to improve and maximise our health. Wellness tourism is a dynamically increasing area and Food With a View is keen to discover more about this and share stories with you.

Food With a View is based in Adelaide, South Australia but will also travel to beautiful locations throughout Australia and across the globe to unearth and share inspirational experiences. Feel free to sign up for the direct email option to make sure you are up to date with blog posts, which will be once or twice a week.

Ciao and Salute (to your health)


  • Congratulations on getting this blog off the ground, Tania. I look forward to reading all about your food adventures!
    • Tania
      Thanks for your support Amanda. Exciting times ahead!
  • Sue
    Congratulations Tania! Looking forward to watching your blog world grow! :)
    • Tania
      Thank you Sue, it's terrific you're sharing this journey with me!
  • Cinzia Giglio
    Fantastic work, Tania! Looking forward to following your blog and delighting in your words and pictures :) xx
    • Tania
      Thank you Cinzia, I'm looking forward to sharing them with you!
  • Kerry
    Congratulations Tania! I look forward to all the beautiful & interesting stories coming this way
    • Tania
      Thank you Kerry, I'm looking forward to sending them to you!

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