Fish Shack at Beautiful Talamanca Beach – Your Ibiza Seafood Go To

Fresh Seafood on the Beach – No Business Cards Needed

Ibiza was certainly not at the top of my travel list. An invitation to my cousin’s ‘Ibiza White Wedding’ in September changed this and pushed Ibiza up to first place. If I’m honest, Ibiza wasn’t even on my list – all those preconceived ideas about it just being a place to party. Now, after spending almost two weeks on this Mediterranean island off the east coast of Spain, I am happy to declare that there definitely is another side to Ibiza. On arrival, the relaxed island lifestyle immediately captures me. I am excited by the amazing variety of food – especially the fresh seafood – and who can resist the incredibly beautiful, unspoiled beaches? If you’re looking for Ibiza seafood, the Fish Shack offers the freshest around.

dine on the beach front at the Fish Shack for Ibiza seafood
Beach view from the Fish Shack

The perfect Ibiza tour guide, my cousin’s husband holidayed here for many years and knows the lay of the land well.

It’s a thoughtful dinner choice when he takes us to the Fish Shack at Talamanca Beach in Ibiza. This place has a great vibe and wows us with a memorable dining experience.

Clearly a favourite with local lovers of Ibiza seafood – no business cards needed here – we are lucky to get a table and are shown to a charming, almost private clifftop table. Other tables are right on the beach and overlook beautiful Talamanca Bay. Boats traversing the bay and the beginning of an iridescent sunset combine to create a magical setting.

There is no menu, our waiter just explains their fresh catch of the day as well as a meat option. With a couple of dishes to choose from, I decide on the cuttlefish and my sister and cousin order the swordfish.

delicious Ibiza seafood sword fish at the Fish Shack
Swordfish at the Fish Shack

The fish is all served perfectly grilled with boiled potatoes and a lettuce, tomato and onion salad. There are no fried chips here! It’s simple, yet the perfect accompaniment to the fresh Ibiza seafood we enjoy in this pristine location. The Fish Shack in Ibiza is definitely a place we will remember.

Ibiza seafood cuttlefish at the Fish Shack
Fresh cuttlefish at our clifftop table

The water laps almost at our feet as we dine on a rustic wooden table perched on the rocks. A good selection of local wine and beer is also available. Our family group is deliciously satisfied. Like us, everyone stays on to enjoy the relaxed beauty of the evening’s glorious sunset.

enjoy Ibiza seafood and evening sunset over the Fish Shack
Sunset over the Fish Shack

Where to Find the Fish Shack

The Fish Shack in Talamanca Bay, Ibiza, is located on the south west side of the island near Cape Martinet. It’s about a half hour drive from Ibiza Old Town.

With welcoming, friendly staff and reasonable prices, this is definitely a must try place to eat in Ibiza.


    • Tania
      It's certainly a place I'll always remember:)
  • Maria
    Good food, good company and a great location. What a life!
    • Tania
      Thanks Maria, aren't I lucky?
  • Rose
    You've changed my mind about Ibiza!
    • Tania
      Ibiza far surpassed my expectations Rose!

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