Beach Clubs in Ibiza, Spain, Experimental and Es Torrent

Breezy Cocktails by the Beach

Beach clubs are huge in Ibiza, Spain. In fact, they have become so popular on the beautiful ‘white island’ of Ibiza they increase in number every year. Ibiza is home to all types of beach clubs, some are cool and chic while others are boho or rustic. What they all have in common is a stunning beachside location and great music.

Recently holidaying in Ibiza for my cousin’s wedding (see previous post) I had the pleasure of experiencing two beach clubs. We enjoyed a superb seafood lunch and relaxing afternoon at the elegant Es Torrent Beach Club. The next beach club experience was at Experimental Beach, a hip sunset location for our wedding welcome drinks.

Ibiza Beach Clubs
Enjoy relaxing on a sun bed at Es Torrent

Es Torrent is located on the southern coast of Ibiza near St Josep and has its own highly regarded, authentic seafood restaurant. The menu has three types of paella. You can choose from a seafood paella, a blind paella (no shells or bones) or a fine noodle paella (without rice). Other specialities include salt crusted sea bass and Ibizan fish stew. The traditional island fish stew ‘Bullit de Peix’ is flavoured with a garlic and olive oil aioli, mixed through during cooking.

Es Torrent Beach Clubs Ibiza
Seafood Paella at Es Torrent

Other seafood delicacies on Es Torrent’s menu include lobster, razorfish, sea snails and my favourite, Galician-style octopus. This is a classic Spanish dish – thinly sliced fresh Ibizan octopus seasoned with paprika, salt flakes and extra virgin olive oil.

Beach Clubs Es Torrent Ibiza
Galician-style octopus at Es Torrent

If you’re staying for a while you can hire a sun bed and enjoy the beach in serviced comfort. The beach at Es Torrent is unspoiled and full of natural beauty – although rocky in some patches.

Ibiza Beach Clubs Experimental
Experimental Beach Club

Experimental Beach is the new kid on the blog and opened earlier this year. It’s hip and stylish with a really cool vibe. We experienced one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen the night we were there. Tapas food at Experimental is sublime. We enjoyed Padron Peppers with flaked sea salt – you can’t possibly stop at one – and refreshing, flavoursome Gazpacho.

Beach Clubs Ibiza Padron Peppers
Padron Peppers at Experimental – delicious!
Beach Clubs Ibiza Experimental
Gazpacho at Experimental

Music and beach clubs are part of the Ibizan way of life and are a huge draw card for tourists. Not all the locals are impressed by this combination and earlier this year, in July 2017, reclaimed some of their beaches from dance music. Live music and DJs were banned from 16 of the island’s most popular beach clubs in the San Jose area, with noise levels also restricted.

One thing is certain – as long as the sun sets on Ibiza, there will always be beach clubs to enjoy.

Beach Clubs Experimental Ibiza
Sunset over Experimental Beach Club

Where:  Both Es Torrent and Experimental are located a 20 minute drive south west from Old Ibiza Town

Es Torrent St Josep de sa Talaia Ph: +34 971 802160, email:

Experimental Beach Club Cape de Falco Ph: +34 664 331269, email:


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